Open Practice Saturday June 15th

Our next open ride will be Saturday June 15th from 10:00am- 4:00pm. Gates will open up Saturday morning at 9:00am, practice will start at 10:00am, and go until 4:00pm. Both tracks will be ope, Main track will have the following groups, Big Bike A/B, Big Bike C, Vets, 85/65, small track will have practice groups 85/65 beginners, 50’s. American Porkers will be here all day smoking up some good food!

Gate fee: $5 per person (kids 5&under free *non riders*)

$35 practice fee

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Rounds 1& 2 of The Midwest Vintage Series May 4th & 5th


We will be hosting The Midwest Vintage Series May 4/5th. This race weekend to everyone (modern bikes included )  For more information on classes and pricing Click here This will be an AMA sanctioned event, so you must have a membership to race. Also per AMA rules ALL MINORS under 18th- must have both parents sign minor release at registration/ or fill out annual release form online Click here

Gate times and fees:

Gates will open up Friday afternoon at 4:00pm (est) and stay open until 11:00pm

Gates will open up Saturday morning at 7:00am and stay open until 10:00pm

Gates will open up Sunday morning at 7:00am

Gate fees: cash only at gate

Friday-Sunday $25 a person (kids 5&under NOT riding FREE)

Saturday-Sunday $20 a person (kids 5&under NOT riding FREE)

Sunday $15 a person (kids 5&under NOT riding FREE)

** No refunds if leaving early **

Registration information:

Saturday and Sunday we will open up at 7:30am-to 9:00am, Rider’s meeting at 9:15am at finishline, and practice will start at 10:00am-with racing to start immediately following Rider’s meeting.


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2024 Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier Info

Area qualifier logo 2022


This will be a AMA sanctioned event, you MUST have a AMA membership to ride. If you need to purchase or renew your membership Click here:



Official shipping/GPS address : 6390 S Wildwood Rd, Rossville, IN 46065

(please check with registration office if you have anything shipped)

We are on Eastern time zone

Hotel info: Closest hotels are in Lafayette (about 10/15 minutes from track) Here’s a few

Double Tree 765-446-0900       Quality Inn 765-588-9099

Homewood Suite 765-448-9700      Hampton Inn 765-447-1600

Gate times:

Thursday April 4th  Gates will open at 3:00pm-and stay open until 12:00am

Friday April 5th 6:30 am- 12:00am

Saturday April 6th 6:30 am -12:00am

Sunday April 7th 6:30 am

(If arriving before/after gate opens/closes please park to side of lane until it reopens)

Gate Fees:

*** Kids 5&under that are **NON RACERS** free**

***NO REFUNDS if leaving early***

Thursday-Sunday $40 a person

Friday- Sunday $35 a person

Saturday-Sunday $30 a person

Sunday $20 a person

** Everyone is welcome to stay Sunday night as well to watch the solar eclipse on Monday!!**

Registration info: 

Online Registration Link is available! Click below to get started!


**Remember you will still need to check in at registration to get your practice stickers ***


We will open up Thursday evening for early registration from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Friday morning 7:00am-6:00pm

Saturday morning 6:30am-8:30am (once Saturday racing has started-we will open for early Sunday registration)

Sunday morning 6:30am-8:30am

Payment: Cash or Business Check ( no cc payment at this time)

Practice fee: $35 a class (we will also offer a few support/non qualifying classes if you want some extra ride time both days)

Race fee: $40 a Class /$50 for 250/Open Pro Sport -(100% payback for those classes)

Mx Sports form: $20 (you will need a form for each class you plan to qualify in)

For the list of Classes and what day they qualify Click here

Pit Vehicles information:

All pit vehicles MUST BE REGISTERED!!  Driver’s must be 16yrs or older, 

$20 (includes 2 drivers)

Awards: Top 9 in each class, 100% payback (per moto ) in 250/Pro Sport classes

Weekend Schedule:

Friday: Racer’s practice from 10:00am-4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: Practice will start at 8:30am, followed by rider’s meeting broadcasted over pa/radios station. Racing to immediately start after riders meeting.


No saving spots- if wanting to park next to someone please arrive togethe.

We have potable water fill ups available located throughout the parking area (bring hose- ours keep disappearing..)

All pit vehicles MUST be registered and parked at dusk!

We will have ice for sale at registration

We have indoor restrooms as well as portable one’s located throughout premises (No shower houses at this time)

No hook ups available at this time.

We will have the BLUE MOOSE catering ALL weekend!! ( Our personal fave is the steak and cheese with pineapple dole whip)

Rossville is the closest town 5 minutes away- they have small grocery store, fuel, pizza and pub food

Lafayette is the next closest 10 minutes away they have EVERYTHIN!

If we have missed anything, please feel free to call office 765-379-2482, or text questions to 765-491-3656




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2024 Race Schedule

We are still working on Practice dates, but here are the race dates for the 2024 season.

April 6th & 7th  Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier (Rider Practice on  Friday 5th)

May 4th & 5th Rounds 1&2 of the Midwest Vintage series ( Modern classes run both days/ AMA points paying event)

August 3rd &4th Rounds 7&8 of the Midwest Vintage series + Race of Champions (Modern classes run both days/ AMA points paying event)


August 10th MUDDY KIDS ( Family/kid  style 5k mud run)

August 11th MUDDY PRINCESS (WOMENS ONLY 5K mud run )

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Track Updates for June 22nd and 23rd

The AHRMA Regional Series race on Saturday June 22nd has been canceled, due to incoming weather.  They are in the process of rescheduling the event. We will post any updates.  Sunday June 23rd  Bikes Only Practice is still on!!! We are having some issues with the office phones, so if you have any questions or want a weekend update- please call or text 765-491-3656


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AHRMA Great Lakes Regional Serie and Open Practice Has been RESCHEDULED June 22nd & 23rd

We will be hosting AHRMA Great Lakes Regional series on Saturday June 22nd and Open Practice Sunday June 23rd! THIS WILL BE A BIKES ONLY WEEKEND!

For more info on AHRMA and the list of  classes they offer Click Here

No Vintage bike? No Problem! We will have modern support classes as well, so anyone can ride!!

Gate Times & Fees:

Gates will open up Friday evening @5:00pm and stay open until 10:00pm

Gates will reopen Saturday morning @7:00am and stay open until 10:00pm

Gates will reopen Sunday Morning @ 7:00 am

Friday-Sunday $15 a person (kids  5& under *non racers are free)

Saturday-Sunday $15 a person (kids 5& under *non racers are free)

Sunday $5 a person (kids 5&under *non racers are free)

Registration will open up Saturday morning @ 7:00am, Practice will start @ 9:00am, riders meeting after practice, and racing to start immediately after.

Registration will reopen up on Sunday morning for open practice  @ 7:30  and Practice will start promptly @ 10:00am and run until 4:00pm


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Traffic Update!

There will be a few miles of road construction on ST RD 26 between Lafayette and Rossville. They will be repaving a few miles of road, but the awesome crew from Milestone will be making sure everything  is running smooth, and get you to the track on time!!!

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Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier Info April 13th & 14th 2019












Our GPS address is: 6390 S Wildwood Rd Rossville, In 46065

We are on Eastern Standard Time.

Hotel Info: Here’s a few hotels that are in Lafayette, (about 10-15 min from the track)

Courtyard by Marriot 765-449-4800,  Double Tree by Hilton 765-446-0900

Hampton Inn 765-447-1600, Comfort Inn 765-447-3434

Days Inn 765-746-7048, Holiday Inn Express 765-449-4400

La Quinta Inn 765-446-2400

Gate Times & Fees:

Gates will open up Thursday April 11th @ 4:00pm and stay open until 12:00am

Gates will reopen  Friday morning @ 6:30am and stay open until 12:00am

Gates will reopen Saturday morning @6:30 am and stay open until 12:00am

Gates will reopen Sunday morning @6:30am

Gate fees:

Thursday-Sunday $35 a person (*non racers 5&under free)

Friday- Sunday $30 a person (*non racers 5&under free)

Saturday-Sunday $20 a person (*non racers 5&under free)

Sunday $15 a person (*non racers 5&under free)

Registration info:


Registration will open up Friday April 12th @ 7:00am and stay open until 5:30pm. You will be able to sign-up for Racer’s practice on Friday and early sign-up for Saturday’s race.

Saturday morning, we will reopen @ 6:30am, and then Saturday evening after the race, we will reopen for early sign-up for Sunday.

Sunday we will reopen @6:30am.

Race fees:

Friday’s Racer Practice $25 a class

All classes Saturday and Sunday will be $35 a class (plus a $10 qualifier form-you will need a form for each class you plan to qualify in)

For a list of classes and what day they will run to qualify in, click the link below:



250 a pro-sport and Open pro-sport will be payback classes $$

all other classes will get trophy/plaque


Weekend Schedule:

Friday April 12th practice will start @ 10:00am and run until 4;00pm

Saturday and Sunday practice will start @ 8:30am , we will have a rider’s meeting after practice, and racing to start immediately after.

This will be an AMA points paying and sanctioned event. You will need a valid AMA membership to participate. If you are needing to purchase, or renew- click the link below



Pit Vehicles:

We do allow them, they MUST BE REGISTERED!! and will be policed throughout the weekend.

You can register them at Sign-up $15 a vehicle (includes 2 wristbands and all driver’s must be 16 yrs or older!!)

Payment info:

For transponder rental, or AMA memberships, you may use either cash/ or cc card.

For gate fees, pit vehicles, practice and class entries, you may either use cash/ or business check.

Any other questions, always feel free to email us at wildcatcreekmx@hotmail.com or call us at 765-379-2482 (please leave a good call back #. we get a quite a few callers that do not leave a number to call them back!)









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2019 Race and Practice Schedule!

2019 schedule is finally done!!!

Practice Days:

March 31st (weather permitting)

June 23rd

August 4th

September 29th

October 6th

Race Dates:

April 13th& 14th Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier (with racer’s practice on Friday April 12th)

May 4th & 5th Vintage Series

July 28th Muddy Princess All Women’s Mud Run

August 17th & 18th Midwest Vintage Series (with racer’s practice on Friday the 16th) * modern bikes welcome!

September 14th &15th ( with DKR PITBIKE Straight Rhythm Saturday night, and Indiana Hoosier Series on Sunday)

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Track Updates

That’s a wrap for the 2018 season! We are currently working on the 2019 schedule. If you have any questions, always feel free to email us at wildcatcreekmx@hotmail.com


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