Wildcat creek MX was founded in late 2000. Why? Because Indiana had few places where the sport of motocross could be truly enjoyed by everyone. The track started out as a back yard play/practice track for the Knops and their friends to enjoy. As you can see the track grew and grew into what it is today. One of the best motocross facilities in the  midwest. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in our first 4 seasons. Our track is user friendly, rider friendly, environmentally friendly. Conveniently located near Lafayette Indiana and just 15 minutes from interstate 65, and just 25 minutes east of Kokomo. WCCMX is close enough to swing in for a day or two of racing, or practice on non race weekends and Wednesdays. Then a nice dinner in Lafayette, Kokomo, or Indianapolis. Camping at the track is also available. Come ride with us and see for yourself!  In our 11th year we run one of the most spectator friendly tracks in the country, if we do say so ourselves! Featuring fan events such as the chili pot weekend, we’re doing whatever it takes to be your top motocross track. WildcatcreekMX is located on 100 acres of fertile old farm land and  wooded acreage with a ravine running through it. The track is mostly located on the the fertile farm land. This area is mostly flat with manmade jumps and very long straits to open up those big 450″s. The rest of the track makes 4 passes back trough the woods and a large ravine for some spectacular  step down hill and step up hill jumps. We have a large very flat grassy pit area and tunnel under the track finish line to a large grassy spectator area. There are big jumps, small jumps, down hill jumps, up hill jumps, tabletops, doubles, long straits, bowl turns, flat turns, RH, LH, 90′s, 180′s. We think we have something for everyone at all age and skill level to enjoy.  Haven’t been to our track yet? What’s wrong with you! Load that bike up! It’s time to ride! We can’t wait to see you there!

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